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  Aneek's Diary  

The Spirit of Photography


Aneek Welcome to my diary. I am Aneek.

The 18th of October 1999 is a big day for me. I landed safe and sound ( though a bit noisily) on planet earth. Boy, what a rush!

The first night was terrible , they put me in a 'hot box', and all sort of people were staring at me, and one guy in particular was continually throwing strong 'flashes' at me!


After 5 days I left for my new home, new cot, new toys .. and there I met the rest of the gang. The first few months wasn'nt much fun - everything seem so scary.


Recently I learnt turning over - I love doing it. I do it during the day, at night while sleeping & in between.

I love playing with my mom. She is so much fun. I laugh with her a lot. See my grin .. that's for my mom.

And my dad .. I love when he throws me in the air, kisses me, soothes me. I also drive him nuts & I like that .. a lot.

Mom & Dad
I already love our family outings ...


I enjoy my quite times with my uncle. relaxing in his lap.

Sometimes I meet my friends .. we have a great time.







Party time  .. 




When I went to India, my uncle got married. I never saw so many people in my life.


I also had my annaprasan (rice eating) ceremony. I met all my relatives - my grand parents, cousins, uncle and aunts. It was so much fun. I got so many gifts.

I like playing with my daddy & mummy. We often go for long walks.


My mummy cuddles me a lot. I like it so much .


      When I was little, oranges were my favorite. 



Now I can eat banana too. Bread & butter is so yummy.


My PC- when daddy is not around.


I also help mummy often.

I can make 'bow-bow' here.



Help me .. I hate this cage.



Bath time is fun.


One day we went to a very big pool .. it was sooo hot .

The castle at Nagano is so peaceful.


At Taisho pond  ...


 Yippie ! .. we're going to Europe


Park in Stuttgart, Germany



Backyard orchard


It was snowing heavily on the way to Austria.


Everything is  sooo big.

I Love outdoor picnics ..




The hotels have so many toys.


This red train took us to Switzerland.


Geneva water front.

At Grindelwald.



Where are the cows ??


In Paris we went to a really tall tower.



I enjoy rides ..
 someday this one too... 


Party time

Can we get off from here .. please.



Fun Times


 My first school .. many new friends.


Then one day something very strange happened .. mummy bought someone home!

         Who is this ??


OH no ...



Mum and Dad still loves me .. 


   Hmmmm .. smells nice.


Really Soft Hair .

OK  you can stay! But remember who's in charge.




Thank you for your time ... please come back often to share my fun ....




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