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  A little about Us.  

The Spirit of Photography


Yup , that's the team! Santanu and Mouli. Hey wait, we have had an addition lately - sorry Aneek. But I guess we have to wait till he grows up to be Web-Ready. The content in this site are a result of my last few years of hiking, camping and photography.

The Dream Team

I grew up in a small town in the north-eastern part of India - Agartala, Tripura. In those days I remembering tinkering with some old camera - but nothing serious. After college at REC Warangal, a few jobs at Bangalore, I came to Tokyo in 1995. This is where I got serious about photography - bought an Minolta SLR, 2 lenses and a tripod .. and got started.

It has been a very stimulating and rewarding pasttime, and I intend to keep it that way.

When I am not in the woods looking out for that elusive kingfisher, I usually try to build software. That provides for my cameras and lenses .. not my photography sale. But U can still have very high quality prints of my photos from the Gifts Corner. My patrons have liked these best.

My Dream Girl

I try to potray the joy and beauty of everyday life in my photographs. Though shots of poverty, pain, distraught might be moving, I try to avoid them since they are so common in day-to-day life - in newspapers, tv etc. that we often forget to appreciate the good things in life, which we often take for granted.

I beleive we still have hope, reason to live and protect what we have and value .. for us , for the future. I try to look at ordinary things with a new eye .. yes Photography has taught me to find delight and happiness even on a blade of green grass, or on a trickle of water. Nothing is ordinary anymore!

Hope you will share my Joy and Optimism for today's world and the future. Good Luck & Have Fun.

  Do drop me a line if you have any interest in any of the images on this site.
Or if U have any particular need and U can't find them here, I would be happy to look them up in my archive.

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