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A picture is worth a thousand words, when framed even more.

The Spirit of Photography

Hope U have had as fun indulging in these captured slices of time as I had in presenting this site to U.

The original images on this site have been scanned from slides in Kodak Photo CD format. Due to restriction in space and bandwidth the images have been heavily compressed, cropped and stored in jpeg format. You can find more information in the Gift FAQ .
are some of the favorites from my galleries.

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You can get direct print from the slides which will make very thoughtful gifts and presents.

  Fine Art Prints List  
  Discount till 31st March '00
5" x 7" - $11.00 $20.00
8" x 10" - $24.00 $30.00
10" x 12" - $31.00 $45.00
Custom size - On Request

All dimensions are in inches. Prices are in US Dollars. Postage cost is extra.

Your Query:
(mail address, photo-id, no. of prints)



The Gift FAQ

Q: Are the originals negatives or slides ?
All the originals of the images on this sites are slides - Ektachrome, Kodachrome, Velvia and Sensia II.

Q: How do U scan them?
I get my slides scanned as Kodak Photo CD.

Q: How do U make the prints?
The prints are made directly from the slides at Kodak/Fuji labs in Tokyo. These labs are very particular about the quality of their work. I have had no complaints till now.

Q: Are the prints full frame or trimmed ?
Depends on the photo and your requirements. The prices mentioned above are without trimming. For trimming it costs a little more.

Q: Why are your prices so ridiculously low ?
That's because I want to share my photos with all of U. Maybe when I become very famous I'll hike up my prices ten folds ;-). So they are a steal now.

Q: Give us another reason!
Really I mean it. Also, I am not a full-time pro - that means my income does not have to come from photography sale. I just try to cover my actual cost.

Q: Do U recover your full photographic expenditure ?
NO WAY. I do it for love NOT money. So I don't expect to break even .. ever.

Q: If U don't make profit, why do U take so much trouble ?
When people buy my photos, it's a huge encouragement and a great morale booster.

Q: Do U have postards of the photos ?
Sorry not yet.

Q: How do you plan to ship the prints ?
That depends how my clients want them shipped - registerd post, Fedex courier etc.

Q: Do U sell framed prints ?
Usually No. This way U have more choice over youur decor.

Q: How many photos have u sold yet ?
None of your business. But for such a new site , I have had lot of enquiries and subsequent sales. Thank U all.

Q: Which are your most sought after photos ?
Here are some of the favorites from my galleries which my patrons have bought for gifts and personal use.

Q: How do I place an order ?
Just send me a e-mail about your requirements. We'll work out the details. Place the cursor on the photo thumb-nails to get the photo id. It's in the ALT of the image. If the image U want is not in my galleries, do contact me, I'll look up in my archive.

Q: How do I make the payments ?
There are a couple of ways .. bank cheques, wire transfer etc. But no credit cards please. Sorry.

Q: Do U have discounts for bulk purchase?
It's tough to give discounts on such low prices. But let me think .. ok, for a gift order above $100, U get a 5x7 complimentary print of ur choice. Free. So each $100 in an order gets U an extra print.

  Do drop me a line if you have any interest in any of the images on this site.
Or if U have any particular need and U can't find them here, I would be happy to look them up in my archive.

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