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Tips and Techniques

This is my collection of photography tips and techniques from across the web. The copyrights lie with the original authors as mentioned in the credits. Time to time I'll also add my thoughts. U are also invited to add ur tips on photography.

Hope we all will become better photographers. Thank U for visiting. - Santanu

  List of Topics  
  • Tips for Beginners - A great resource for those who want to learn more. Takes time to download. (Decor)
  • Getting The Right Exposure - The easiest way to master the most difficult aspect of photography. (Steve Traudt)
  • The Gamma Factor - This explains why the same image looks lighter/darker on different monitors. (Robert W. Berger)
  • Shooting Flowers - Wild flowers or backyard garden, you can use these ten tips to make your photos better. (Noella Ballenger)
  • Photographing Fireworks - Get the right film, timing and techniques, right the first time. (Santanu Nag)


  Add your Tips:  

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Thank you for understanding.